Shamrock Moving and Storage - Charged for "additional furniture" and never delivered

San Juan, San Juan Municipio 1 comment

If you live in New Jersey, never use Shamrock Moving southern NJ.

After loading their undersized truck, they demanded extra money for what they said were additional furniture not on their list, and said they would return the next day for the items. Since it was the day of closing, we had to leave, and they never returned to pick up the furniture that they said was additional and could not fit on their small truck. We lost many thousands of dollars and irreplaceable items. They refused to refund my money or make good on the lost furniture.

To me, this is fraud.



to the unhappy customer.... maybe you shoulve been honest about what needed to go..people take movers for granted they are there to pick up the contents of the house,its not there fault if the customer says what needs to go but forgets the full basement garage n attic people need to be honest on how much stuff you really have instead of adding all this extra stuff that wasnt told to the estimator, remember its not the workers fault niether theyre only trying to do there best under what durress they may be under for all you know its a false report whatch who you slander people get sued over that everyday..

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